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manufacturing forum

A look back at our manufacturing forum: Speed of change

April 5, 2022
partner of the year

Simplus is’s APAC Partner of the Year!

April 4, 2022
advisory board

Kannan Narayanan joins Salesforce Partner Advisory Board

April 1, 2022
sales journey

Accelerate your sales journey with CPQ

March 31, 2022

Aim higher: How CPQ helps your reps exceed sales goals

March 30, 2022
lean methodology

7 ways lean methodology saves valuable time and money

March 29, 2022
increased adoption

Increased adoption and accuracy in Sales Cloud

March 28, 2022
finance and it

Finance and IT need each other now more than ever

March 25, 2022
quote to cash

4 tips to go from quote to cash faster

March 24, 2022