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Choose Your Own Adventure: Front to Back Office Transformation in Financial Services

You choose the ending of this transformation journey

Do not read this book from beginning to end, page 1 to page 33, start to finish. These pages contain choices and prompts pertaining to your organization’s transformation, from front office to back office (or perhaps back to front?). As you read, you will have to deliberate and make choices to proceed. Follow the instructions that accompany your choices to continue on your transformation journey. Depending on what choices you make, your transformation can end in tremendous success—or lackluster, ill-adopted disaster.

Through this adventure, you’ll make choices…

  • Choices about what technologies and platforms to implement and when, from Financial Services Cloud and Revenue Cloud to Data Cloud and Gen AI capabilities
  • Choices that determine what functional business units are impacted by change and in what order, whether it’s marketing, sales, IT, or customer service
  • Choices that change how your front and back office employees experience their daily workload in the organization
The Future is AI: The Next Frontier of Communications and Media thumb

There are many endings for any transformation initiative—which one will you lead the charge towards?

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