UTS case study

Eliminate duplicate tasking and add value to your time with Sales Cloud

Your work processes could be costing your company big money. According to Panopto’s Workplace Knowledge and Productivity study, almost one out of three employees spend more than six hours every week performing duplicate efforts among coworkers, and 14 percent spend at least 10 hours on redundant work.

When the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)—an influential university with the largest campus in the city of Sydney—realized they needed to eliminate duplicate work, improve their work processes, and streamline tasks by centralizing data, they were up to the task. 

Fortunately, Simplus is schooled in CRM technology that can be easily customized for an academic faculty audience. Now, UTS gets an “A” for implementing automation that removes redundant data entry, increases productivity, and opens up opportunities for effective lead management. 




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