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Increasing partner sales with a transformed community portal

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) manufacturers interior lighting solutions and works with affiliate partners all over the world to distribute their products. After a period of high growth, ALW felt its future trajectory would be held back without an updated partner portal expertly configured through Salesforce. The pre-existing portal wasn’t designed to support partner sales and included a homegrown quoting system that dramatically limited tracking, reporting, and data maintenance functionalities. ALW reached out to Simplus for expert guidance on a new solution in Salesforce using Sales Cloud and Communities.

Simplus worked with the ALW operations team to gather a complete understanding of partner interactions and the sales process. This allowed our team to implement a fully functional partner portal for supporting partner sales. The internal team at ALW is thrilled with the results, and ALW partners have quickly adopted the user-friendly portal for operations moving forward. This has led to a 32 percent increase in monthly partner quote dollar value and over 93 percent adoption, among other success metrics.




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