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Manufacturing in 2021: Maximizing operational efficiencies through integration


Andy Peebler

Andy Peebler

VP, Product GTM, Commerce Cloud


Gerald Schlechter

Gerald Schlechter

CTO & Co-Founder


Tom Lovell

Tom Lovell

VP, Manufacturing CoE


Prediction: Manufacturers maximize system value as ERPs and CRMs are integrated.

If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us to expect the unexpected—that trends and predictions can be laid to the side by a grey rhino event. And that if one thing holds strong, it is man’s ability to pivot and excel. So what can we expect for manufacturing in 2021?

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how leading manufacturers, that rely on SAP ERP, are partnering with Salesforce, enosix, and Simplus to leverage data to forecast more accurately, build more resilient supply chains, shift to “people-centric” strategies, and more. One thing they all have in common? They’ve integrated SAP ERP and their CRM to experience the full value of their systems.


View recording now for our intimate panel discussion to hear:

  • Top trends and forecasts for manufacturing in 2021
  • How to leverage manufacturing predictions to address the needs manufacturers are facing now
  • How Salesforce approaches digital transformation in manufacturing
  • How you can manage integrations in a way that works for your business model. We’ll look at:
  • ERP and CRM integration use cases across multiple Salesforce clouds, such as Manufacturing, CPQ, and B2B Commerce
  • How to accelerate time to value, simplify integration projects, and lower integration costs between SAP and Salesforce
  • How to empower recurring revenue models and deliver great customer experiences (Hint: It starts with unifying Salesforce Revenue Cloud with SAP ERP data and processes)
  • How to convert shopping carts to orders when you use enosix’s pre-built APIs for a real-time integration between SAP and Commerce Cloud

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