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Case Study


At a glance

Kibo was looking for a proven expert to guide the organization through data merge and migration after an acquisition.
Komatsu - the challenge

The Challenge

Kibo previously had to deal with a cumbersome process for managing data in multiple Salesforce instances. This meant data had to constantly be transferred and transformed from one system to the next to put anything properly into CPQ. This became increasingly complicated as the organization grew, so Kibo sought Simplus’ help to remedy the problems.
Komatsu - the challenge

About Kibo

Kibo enables retailers and brands to deliver on the promise of modern, omnichannel commerce. Composed of the Kibo Unified Commerce Platform and the Kibo Personalization Platform, powered by Monetate and Certona, Kibo is the only extensible, unified commerce company that delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences across the entire customer experience.
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Industry: High-Tech
Komatsu - the challenge
Komatsu - The Outcome

The Outcome

Kibo was especially impressed with Simplus’ responsiveness, weekly meetings to sync up on project progress, and how there were no leftover problems at the end of either phase one or phase two. Simplus successfully merged the data of two orgs for Kibo without having to revamp any internal processes.
Komatsu - The Outcome

No more spreadsheets. United data under one single instance saves time.


Fewer end user complaints and seamless for reporting purposes.

More visibility to forecast and understand pipeline.

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