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Do not read this book from beginning to end, start to finish… Depending on what choices you make, your transformation can end in tremendous success—or lackluster, ill-adopted disaster.

Through our upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure-styled ebook, we’ll humorously review the wide range of cloud products and integrations you need to thrive in the communications and media environment: 

  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot
  • Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and B2B Commerce
  • Communications Cloud
  • Media Cloud
  • Service Cloud and Field Service
  • MuleSoft integration
  • Einstein and AI-powered workflows
  • Data Cloud

The terrain is vast on this journey. You could lead your expedition team through Marketing Canyons to support communications and media advertising, reveal intelligent mysteries in The Portals of Customer Service, climb Data and AI Summits, hack your way through Integration Jungle for enhanced digital operations, or spelunk in the deep Sales Caverns for connected and channel sales support. 

Prepare properly, choose wisely, and confide in your trusted guides along the way. Because ultimately, the choices are all in your hand. But we’d love to journey alongside you, too, if you’ll have us…

Watch for Choose Your Own Adventure: Front to Back Office Transformation in Communications and Media to drop next month!