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Using Salesforce to its full advantage

Aug 9, 2017 | #AskSimplus, Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Salesforce CPQ, Service Cloud

“I bought Salesforce—now what?” We hear that question a lot in the marketplace. And it’s good that you’re asking that question: a tool is only as useful as your understanding of how to use it.

Let’s take a moment to look at all the good Salesforce can do for you. What are some of the key business challenges that Salesforce can address? What do you need to think about as you look forward to your Salesforce implementation? And how can Simplus aid you in maximizing the benefits of your Salesforce rollout?


Common Challenges

There are numerous roadblocks that might lead a company to adopt the Salesforce solution. Can you identify any of these common challenges as a systemic issue within your organization that could use improvement in operation or process?



Operating from a decentralized system reduces sales effectiveness, lowers visibility, impedes internal communication, and affects the overall performance of your team. As a result, most sales professionals never reach their full potential or achieve the close rates of top performers.


Lack of Automation

Professionals are frustrated by having to spend time on non-revenue-generating activities, like entering data into CRM systems. These tasks distract reps from reaching their revenue targets since they mean less time spent in front of customers and prospects, reducing their ability to close business. Fortunately, many of these manual tasks can often be automated with Salesforce.


Decreased Visibility

Data sources from a fractured architecture makes it hard to find the single source of truth. Most often, critical decisions are made using bad or outdated data.


Tips for a Successful Salesforce Rollout

The implementation of Salesforce is only as good as the standards by which it is installed and maintained. Take a look at all the ways you can make it work for you in the long run.


Think of your business case first.

Look down the line at the entire long-term roadmap and see how the adoption of Salesforce will help your business.


Champion the change.

It is likely that you will have some pushback on implementation. It is your job to motivate your employees and encourage them to be the change agents and gain the benefits of change.


Improve efficiencies.

Expand into other areas of your company once you have implemented core Salesforce and QTC functions to unify and streamline operations across Sales, Service, Marketing and other critical business functions


Remember reporting and analytics.

Go deep in helping your team understand their data, further personalizing their reporting to their needs and helping them gain insights and drive their performance


How can Simplus help?

When customers come to us for help, they’ve most likely inherited or adopted a variety of systems to run their businesses, resulting in a Frankenstein monster that is cumbersome, not user friendly and hard to maintain. Majority of them are operating on outdated technologies, unable to take advantage of “anytime anywhere” workplace, which seriously hinders employee work performance. We at Simplus can guide you through your implementation, eliminating guesswork for you.



We help you review your strategic goals and business objectives, understand how objectives relate to your daily tasks and facilitate open communication We are servicing the relationship and not the systems, which helps create engaged employees who will become change champions within the organization.



Meet with all business stakeholders and document the current state business process, identify overlaps and automate the processes, standardizing operations.



Migrate from a divided approach across channels to a unified model that can be leveraged by all and ensure best practices for optimal performance.


Data Management

Review current state data model and provide an optimized solution to eliminate duplicate and outdated data. Then we will create an omnichannel view of data that can be leveraged by all stakeholders.



Migrate and automate legacy processes, eliminating redundant technology stacks and creating a unified architecture that is efficient and scalable.


Reporting and Analytics

With improved data collection and streamlined processes,  we help you create real-time metrics to help make business decisions driving profitability and customer satisfaction.


Once you can identify how a Salesforce implementation can help your company and closely monitor the success of the implementation, you will begin to realize the benefits that a Salesforce solution can bring to your organization. Let Simplus be your partner in making sense of the process every step of the way.



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