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Simplus and Clout Partners: Better together

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Simplus Europe with the acquisition of London and Dublin-based Clout Partners! With Clout’s deep knowledge of Salesforce in the European marketplace, Simplus is stronger, as members of the Clout Management Team were responsible for growing the original Salesforce business in Europe. Here are a few of the reasons Clout and Simplus are Better Together.


1. Cloud expertise 

The Clout team includes 15 skilled implementation experts with decades of experience in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Conga—all areas of focus for Simplus. Additionally, Clout offers managed services and health checks, which is similar to Simplus’ existing managed services practice. When you pair that with Simplus’ additional services, such as advisory services and our MuleSoft practice, Simplus and Clout are setting the bar for exceptional Salesforce services in Europe. 


2. Global growth

At Simplus, we have an internal goal to become what we term a “global contender.” This means that we can successfully compete with any global consulting firm or implementation partner in any area of the world. Earlier this year, we completed our first international acquisition with Sqware Peg in Australia. Now, Simplus spans three regions—APAC (Australia and the Philippines), North America (the United States and Canada), and now EMEA (UK, Ireland, and France). We are happy to be able to further our expansion into Europe with Clout. 


3. Salesforce investment

Salesforce has been investing heavily in the EMEA market, with $2.5 billion in the United Kingdom alone. Simplus also is investing in EMEA as a regional area of expansion. Additionally, Clout is made up of some big names in the Salesforce world—Kieran Carrick, Nanik Mirpuri, Arun Naik, and Pinal Patel. These team members were crucial to building up Salesforce in Europe over ten years ago. And now they’re coming to Simplus. As Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood said, “We believe there’s no better way to support Salesforce’s investment and strategy in EMEA than to have former Salesforce professional services EMEA leadership to help us deliver greater value to customers.”


4. Culture fit

At Simplus, we pride ourselves on our outstanding company culture, which includes having not only a talented team but also a caring, resilient one. And Clout’s team is no different. Our shared values are already facilitating a smooth transition and allowing us to leverage each other’s capabilities to strengthen Simplus’ consulting services in Europe. 


The future is bright and more global than ever now that Clout has joined Simplus. As Kieran Carrick, CEO of Clout, said, “We are thrilled to be joining a world-class organization like Simplus. I’m confident that Clout’s presence in Europe and excellence in delivery together with Simplus’ proven global model and achievements is a winning combination that will enable us to better serve our customers and help them achieve their business outcomes.” 

A huge welcome to Clout from all of us at Simplus!

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