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What is a Salesforce Master Navigator in CPQ and Billing?

Feb 5, 2020 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Billing, Salesforce CPQ

At the close of 2019, Simplus accomplished a lot. We spent another crazy great week at Dreamforce, released The Definitive Quote-to-Cash Guide, gained new team members leading to Simplus Europe and a new Digital Practice, expanded our MuleSoft and manufacturing departments with key hires, opened new offices in London and Dublin, and received culture and growth recognitions from Comparably, Utah Business, and more

But what you might have missed is our latest designation straight from Salesforce: Master Navigator in CPQ and Billing. 


What is a Master Navigator?

A Salesforce Master Navigator is a partner who has attained a distinctive and superior level of expertise in a specific industry category or Salesforce product. There are four tiers in Salesforce’s Partner Navigator Program, including Certified Professionals, Certified Navigators, Specialist Navigators, and Master Navigators—Master is the top level. As Salesforce says, the partner must “have demonstrated both a track record of deep knowledge and customer success within these types of implementations.” This involves metrics measuring customer success, industry expertise, and product knowledge

“We are thrilled to recognize Simplus as a Salesforce Master Navigator in CPQ & Billing,” said J.C. Collins, SVP and COO of Industries and Partners at Salesforce, “for their deep expertise and their ability to deliver the highest level of customer success in that category.”


What does it take to become a Master Navigator in CPQ and Billing?

Simplus’ extensive experience with CPQ, Billing, and the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle is deep and varied across multiple industries and sizes of companies. We were the first to partner with Steelbrick—the predecessor to Salesforce CPQ—and have been continuously expanding our CPQ talent pool with countless resources and years of experience on quote-to-cash products. We even have the only CPQ Black Belt in the world, Gilles Muys, on our team as VP of Customer Solutions. We are also the only QTC partner to receive Salesforce funding four times thanks to our proven expertise in CPQ and Billing implementation projects. 


Thank you to our customers for providing us with the experiences and reviews that ultimately led to this recognition! And thank you to Salesforce for a longstanding partnership and our shared journey through digital transformation and innovation!


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