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Drive efficiency and innovation with 6 tools from 1 partner

Apr 9, 2024 | Admin, Latest News

When it comes to Salesforce, there’s a lot to think about. 

Robust business technology strategies know that while Salesforce is powerful and a huge uplift for any organization’s customer relations, it can also get very complicated very fast. When you consider the amount of data, integrations, and resources required to maintain a truly valuable data hub in Salesforce, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to make it work. And the larger your organization is—more partners, more users, more regions, more customers—the more overwhelming it can be. 

But when all the tools you need to attain and maintain the ideal Salesforce org come from one partner, that’s one thing simplified you don’t have to worry about. 

Infosys and Simplus have one of the leading Salesforce practices in the world, and part of that practice is a large library of tools to accelerate and drive efficient Salesforce dev and ownership for our clients. Let’s dive into just six of the most popular tools you can enjoy when you partner with Infosys and Simplus: 


Problem Management Analytics

The Infosys Problem Management Analytics (PMA) solution is a great tool for driving more visibility throughout your organization. The tool provides deep insights into continuous improvement, whether it’s by identifying common resolutions and incident patterns or suggesting potential automations and self-help solutions. The focus of the tool is on key risks, high-impact patterns and applications, and analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Key features:

  • Pareto analysis (recurring incident patterns)
  • Correlation analysis (identification of related applications)
  • Risk analysis (application-level risk profiling) 

Clients who have used the PMA solution have realized a 50-60 percent decrease in ticket volume, as well as reduced business downtime and reduced support costs due to technical incidents. 


Service Cafe for Self Help

The next tool is Service Cafe for Self Help, a mobile app for enriching self-help with a catalog of videos and tutorials to promote self-service scenarios. This tool can be deployed with minimal customization, an out-of-the-box tool full of ready-to-use services and advanced search for additional features.

Key features:

  • Pre-configured library
  • Integrated Knowledge management
  • Solution Search for multiple personas

Users have realized reduced number of IT tickets/incidents required support, more productive L1 support due to on-the-go functionality, and enhanced user UX in the self-service portal. 


Automation BOTs

Automation BOTs from Simplus are used for achieving Zero Touch AMS and automation of recurring, tedious tasks. 

Key features:

  • Repetitive task resolution
  • Deterministic workflows

Users of the automation BOTs have seen around 25% of tickets with Zero Touch AMS (whether through bots, scripts, or cognitive automation) and 24×7 coverage on automated workflows. Overall, they’ve experienced a reduction in the amount of manual, agent-assisted incidents. 


Continuous Service Improvement

Next up is Continuous Service Improvement. This solutions helps clients drive continuous service improvement (CSI) in an agile way, with 90-day sprints covering the entire duration of a CSI engagement. 

Clients already engaging with a CSI solution have realized up to 20% productivity improvement over the three years of their contract and ongoing enhancement to the monitoring and tracking of CSI initiatives. 


Salesforce CX Toolkit

Another innovation-driving tool from Infosys is the Salesforce CX Toolkit. With this solution, clients enjoy Salesforce Lightning development in multiple areas and with expert resources assigned. 

Key features:

  • Personalized UX and portal design via UX Lightning Component Library
  • Performance-driven, scalable apps using REST API, SOAP API, O-Data Connector
  • Predictable AI

Clients who have used this tool have enjoyed a jumpstart for their migration to Lightning, re-usable lightning components allowing for plug-and-play functionality, and a knowledge base of risk-reducing best practices for their Lightning migration approach


Salesforce Health Check

Finally, the Salesforce Health Check is a great tool for ensuring organizational quality and identifying potential improvements. A Salesforce Health Check is backed by an array of powerful methodologies and accelerators to support Salesforce org optimization.

Key features:

  • Org Health Checkup (detail the current state of all Salesforce orgs within an IT landscape)
  • Infosys Sandbox Manager (track all sandboxes in one place)
  • Unused Fields Extractor (a cleanup aid to remove any unused fields on objects within the Salesforce org)

Our Health Check clients have realized multiple benefits, from tracking ROIs and usage of their sandbox purchases to improved Salesforce org health by reducing manual entry and extra data entry steps. 

To experience these solutions (and many more) firsthand, let’s start a conversation today about your business’ priorities, needs, and dreams for the future. 



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