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Why Salesforce is a great return on your investment

Aug 11, 2017 | #AskSimplus, Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Salesforce CPQ, Service Cloud

How many different systems are you using to track your sales leads? If you are like most salespeople, you rely on a variety of systems to track leads, customer profiles, inventory, contracts, invoicing, etc. As a result, much of your time is spent tracking down data in various locations. What most people don’t realize is how much time is wasted searching for data. This is time that could have been spent, well, selling.

Many companies reach out to Simplus to integrate a CRM in response to inefficiencies in a company pipeline. They are often looking for alternatives that can ignite productivity and profitability in their workplace. What they discover is that it isn’t the salesperson that is the weakest link. Instead, it is the computer system that is supposed to be tracking progress that hinders better results.  

What can a sales team hope to achieve with Salesforce? The return on investment takes a variety of positive forms, but here are four areas that will provide a measurable ROI with Salesforce as your platform.


  1. Salesforce defines and strengthens a streamlined process

According to Salesforce blogger Stuart Leung, “Statistics show that businesses without automation spend 71 percent of their time and resources planning and defining business processes. The same holds true for sales organizations.”

Stuart pointed out that selling requires a number of tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks, such as scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up emails, and updating sales opportunities (all of which reduce productivity and profitability).

This platform creates clear pipelines because Salesforce has tools to better access data. It creates a centralized location for all of your information, and it is customizable to best meet the unique needs of your workplace.


  1. Salesforce tracks the complete lifecycle of a deal

While many systems handle portions of your data well, no other system does a better job of centralizing and organizing all of your data in a way that tracks the complete timeline of your deals. From your initial contact to the final payment, Salesforce can track and collect sharable data from that transaction to support projections and future sales reports that help define the entire company’s growth.


  1. You are investing in results

Make no mistake, updating your computer system is an investment. But when considering the amount of time and resources saved by creating one location for your data, the return on your investment can pay for itself in productivity and efficiency.


  1. Salesforce offers unbeatable support

The Salesforce communities are unparalleled in providing extensive expertise in a variety of fields. The MVP forum shares knowledge with a wide range of users in a variety of mediums. If you are looking for an audience of administrators and managers, resolving issues that are more technical in details, or you are facing a unique work setting that requires a customized conversation, Salesforce has the community that can answer your questions and provide solutions.


If you are looking for more bang for your buck, more bling for less cha-ching or just a wise return on your investment, let Salesforce pivot your productivity by streamlining your sales processes, provide comprehensive sales tracking, enhance productivity through innovative and customizable technology, and provide expert support. Investing your dollars in a centralized, secure, and adaptable system just makes good sense.


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