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4 reasons why workplace culture is more than a buzzword — #4: Specialization

Aug 19, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Specialize, specialize, specialize. Being a Brit, it horrifies me that I have to write “specialise” with a Z. But I’m playing to the audience and all that. 

We have discussed in this blog series a number of key areas when looking at company culture, including human connection, flexibility, and trust. The very last piece of the jigsaw is the ability to be a specialist in one area, whether that is on a company-level (what does your company do?) or on an individual basis (what does that one team member contribute?). Let’s take a look at both sides. 


Specialization as a company 

Simplus is a Salesforce Platinum Partner—one of a myriad of Salesforce partners across the globe. So to stand out from the crowd, we are strong believers that you should have a locked-in focus on the clouds you are going to specialize in and that they all ‘play nicely’ with each other. With so much choice out there, the clients we work with want the masters in one area, not generalists who do a bit of everything. In the Salesforce realm, I’m speaking in terms of clouds, but it goes even broader. Some companies choose to have consulting arms that span multiple software disciplines. 

While it is admirable that some firms hedge their bets and go for a broader spectrum, I know our leadership team right up to the CEO would agree that had we not been laser-focused on Quote-to-Cash, we wouldn’t have grown as quickly as we have. In the first half of the financial year, we have made 85 hires with the majority of those being growth hires. There’s no way we’d have been able to do that had the demand for our specialist services not been so high. 

There is a fear out there that you narrow yourself too much by being super specific, but we find it has the opposite effect. It’s all about…



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