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3 solutions to solve silo mentality

May 30, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Financial Services, Latest News

What can we learn from watching the NBA finals? First, these guys are amazing. Second, my shorts aren’t baggy enough. But most of all, combined talent makes amazing things happen. When five guys hit the court knowing their role in executing one play, the result is a fluid, compelling drive to the bucket—SCORE! But what happens when each player decides to do their own thing and fails to communicate their intentions? The team’s ability gets easily overpowered, they waste time and energy, and it’s likely an easy win for the opposing team.

That is what it feels like when your sales team falls into a silo mentality. Salesforce experts referred to a study that revealed 70 percent of customer experience professionals and executives view silo mentality as the biggest obstacle to customer service. Breaking down that resistance saves money and makes it possible to meet company goals.Strong relationships in the workplace lead to an increase in effective communication—the most significant aspect of any successful team,” says business writer Dan Scalco. The right CRM tool can support healthier, more productive business and sales strategies by implementing features for better communication, collaboration, and customization.

When the company’s work culture aligns with those essential components, an updated computing system can support it. Here are three ways a Salesforce CRM system will call a timeout on siloed strategies and provide easy solutions to help your company score big.


1. Better communication

Team members can certainly share information face-to-face, but what does your CRM say when you’re not there? Salesforce CRM software displays a full view of customer contacts, contracts, payments, inventory, invoicing, and payment status. A complete profile means team members can make informed decisions and plan useful future contacts, even if you are not available.

When Crest Financial approached Simplus for consultation, they relied on manual data entry to share information via spreadsheets and documents. The manual data entry, shared files and folders, and lack of clear processes meant that there was a struggle to make accurate reports and forecasts. But, after installing Salesforce for Crest Financial, Simplus experts also introduced updated business processes and strategies, supported by their new software, which helped Crest Financial improve communication among team members and better navigate business growth.


2. Easy collaboration

When information isn’t freely shared, then your business can’t make informed, data-driven decisions. “Inventory, supply chain, distribution, marketing, and sales suffer when teams don’t collaborate,” says Salesforce. With the comprehensive, visual, drag-and-drop capabilities of Salesforce, team members can easily update fields based on new information, chat about ideas and contacts, and efficiently manage new strategies together in real time and anywhere.


3. Customized dashboard

Simplus isn’t in the business of telling you how to run your business. Instead, what they can do is offer customized features that enhance your existing work processes. “Dashboards can improve communication on your team by allowing everyone centralized access to the latest data,” says Salesforce expert David Hecht. “They can also help you understand trends in that data more quickly and easily through charts that automatically update, so you can avoid potential problems and celebrate successes.” And exploring the AppExchange enables a business to implement applications that pertain specifically to their company goals.


Silos belong on a farm, not in your sales team. By utilizing Salesforce for better communication, seamless collaboration, and customizable processes, you can ensure your business team never again misses the winning goal due to siloed game plans.

There is strength is focusing team efforts on one goal, so call us! We can help design a computing system that supports existing sales strategies, improves team-building techniques, and strengthens collaborative pathways. We are Simplus, where success is simplified.


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