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Smart Hustle features Simplus’ impressive growth

Simplus CMO Amy Cook sat down with Smart Hustle’s Ramon Ray for a podcast all about Simplus. The podcast focuses on Simplus’ impressive history, going from zero to $250 million purchase price by a multinational company in only a few short years since being founded in 2014. Simplus is thrilled to be joining Infosys as a subsidiary focused on Salesforce delivery services.

Amy and Ramon looked at how the beginnings of Simplus were crucial for its rapid, strategic growth ever since. Early on, Simplus chose to focus on just Salesforce technology and particularly the niche of SteelBrick (now Salesforce CPQ). This gave Simplus a specialization that would only rise in demand.

In addition to strategic decisions, the business plan, values, and culture of Simplus have been instrumental in our success. Amy and Ramon discussed how Simplus mirrors Salesforce and Marc Benioff by using a V2MOM for the entire company and every individual to guarantee company-wide alignment.

And there are many more insights on the keys to Simplus’ growth in the rest of the interview! Click here to listen to the full podcast and catch some of the written highlights from Ramon Ray here.

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