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How to leverage Service Cloud for retail and consumer goods

Mar 12, 2020 | Admin, Implementation Services, Latest News, Retail and Consumer Goods, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Training

Support requests and tickets carry a lot of valuable customer data with them, so they need a complete solution to manage that information. SilencerCo, a market leader in firearm suppressors, muzzle devices, and more—wanted to use this data in a smarter way. They asked Simplus to help.

Simplus helped SilencerCo go from no formal system to a complete Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud solution that tracked metrics and customer data between departments and in one single source of truth. We also integrated SilencerCo’s additional systems for easier service support. SilencerCo can now identify specific products associated with support cases using registrations and Shopify, decreasing the amount of time spent manually creating cases.




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