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Salesforce Organization Charts – what to know

Using sales data to create organization charts is often an effective way of understanding the data so that you can properly act on it. Here are a few tools to let you create different types of organization charts in Salesforce.

OrgView Organization Charts

OrgView is free to use and it’s native to Salesforce. The tool allows your Salesforce users to create organization charts of almost any aspect of the service including users, contacts or accounts.  Users can even add color coding based on their own system and they can create their own custom fields as well.

The tool works through a drag and drop system which lets you create the organization charts in the first place, or to modify them however you need to when new situations emerge.


This is a paid tool but it’s also native to Salesforce. You can create decision trees and even map out relationships that aren’t formal. It includes options for visually representing how stakeholders rank in a hierarchy.

It’s easy to use the tool to create a strategy for contacts that help you take advantage of potential opportunities for sales. It’s often tricky to figure out exactly how to make sales work out when you’re dealing with many multiple people unless you understand all of the relationships involved, after all.

Overall, organization charts are an effective way to plan out your long term strategy for drumming up sales and they help you to make sure that both you and everyone in your business stays organized and on task in this regard.

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