How Salesforce CPQ can transform HLS companies

by Paul B. Stevenson, MPA, CPA

Salesforce CPQ is a robust, powerful tool meant for companies across all industries. Healthcare and medical companies can build a tailored application that allows them to accelerate the lead- to-cash timeline and grow faster. From health insurance and pharmacies to providers and medical device companies, CPQ has a place in all types of HLS organizations. 

As an integral part of automating healthcare’s Quote-to-Cash processes, CPQ can yield great results on the bottom line for the companies willing to put in the time to implement and adopt this transformative technology. Here are some examples of Simplus HLS customers who have embraced CPQ and…



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Paul StevensonPaul is Simplus’ Subject Matter Expert in HLS CRM Strategy. An expert with deep CRM experience in healthcare, telecom, distribution, and financial segments, Paul is a consultant who drives CRM innovations to clear a path for growth in revenue and operational efficiency. He has hands-on experience in developing, marketing, and selling CRM Apps and is a proven project leader with skills to lead CRM integrations with payer, provider, telecom, and proprietary operational and financial information systems.

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