3 remarkable ways Salesforce CPQ can transform healthcare

by Paul Stevenson

There’s a dental office near my home that I’ve used for five years. Why do I keep going back? The dentist seems to know what he is doing, yes. The office is good about getting me right in for appointments—that’s nice too. But the real reason is the level of customer service. My dentist communicates with me between appointments. The hygienists know me when I walk in the door. None of the other medical offices I’ve been to can match their service.

Service is only one issue facing the health and life sciences industry right now. New state and federal rules make life more complicated, but there are tools available to help. One of the best tools is Salesforce CPQ, which can help you control company costs, increase collaboration, and improve the patient experience.

Controlling company costs

Keeping healthcare prices down for patients is one of the biggest issues in the industry. In 2018, state lawmakers introduced a total of 160 bills aimed at controlling the price of prescription medication. Of the 160 bills, 37 made it through their state’s House and Senate, where governors signed them into law. As more rules pop up around pricing, how can a company with a large, expensive operation keep care costs down?

Meet Zimmer, the world’s leading supplier of orthopedic products. Each day, it communicates with three main groups: healthcare providers, hospitals, and patients. With more than 100,000 products, Zimmer needed an effective way to connect these groups without raising prices. With Salesforce, the company merged all its customer data into…



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Paul Stevenson

Paul is a Principal CRM Strategist here at Simplus. An expert with deep CRM experience in healthcare, telecom, distribution, and financial segments, Paul is a consultant who drives CRM innovations to clear a path for growth in revenue and operational efficiency. He has hands-on experience in developing, marketing and selling CRM Apps and is a proven project leader with skills to lead CRM integrations with payer, provider, telecom, and proprietary operational and financial information systems.

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