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A few reasons why your team needs Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Dec 14, 2017 | Admin, Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Salesforce CPQ, Technology

You could argue that a marketer, much like a painter or a musician, is an artist. Marketing requires finesse, patience, and a deep understanding of the craft to develop a meaningful message for the audience.


And just like a fine canvas or a high-end instrument, an effective marketing platform can greatly enhance a marketer’s skills and capabilities. You need to empower your marketing team with the best tools available. And all the tools you’ll ever need exist in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


The Swiss Army knife of the marketing world, Marketing Cloud offers the resources your team needs to construct strong and impactful messages, track the lifecycle of leads, and develop insightful analytics, all of which are tremendous value-adds to your marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at just a few of the features that you can utilize when you invest in a Marketing Cloud solution.


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Journey Builder: Pave a path to better relationships.


The customer journey your brand builds is imperative to understanding purchase cycles. Journey Builder lets you control how your recipients receive messaging based on impressions and interactions — or even a lack thereof. With Journey Builder, you’re able to make sense of a customer’s timeline. Did they click on a newsletter? What kind of comment did they leave? Have you found an abandoned online cart in your data? As a marketer, these factors influence your next steps in messaging. Lead your customers on a journey that’s personalized, connected, and relevant!


Pardot: The ultimate marketing dashboard.


Pardot is the #1 B2B marketing automation platform. Pardot connects your marketing and sales teams with the ability to close more deals in a fraction of the average transaction time. It allows you to integrate data with different types of messaging and enables your development of a marketing journey that’s driven by customer activity and data points. If you’re already using a Salesforce solution such as QTC or CRM, you should also be utilizing the numerous benefits Pardot can bring to your sales and marketing efforts. Pardot allows companies to merge their marketing and sales teams on one platform.


Social Studio: Control your online image.


Social Studio is another specialized component of the marketing platform. And as you have probably already guessed, it’s all about helping you drive your social media marketing. It empowers you to have conversations with your customers through various social channels, allowing you to build meaningful relationships. Social Studio combines all of your social channels into one, easy-to-use interface. Whether potential leads are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform, you can schedule posts, advertisements, and access an in-depth look to customer interaction with your brand—all in one place.


Content Builder: Fine-tune your messaging.


In marketing, content is king. Your customers aren’t going to interact with a brand that doesn’t offer interesting takeaways. Content Builder amalgamates the nuances of content into one place. Within Content Builder, you can write and edit your articles, blogs, emails, and social media posts, and you can also directly edit images. Content Builder allows you to sculpt your perfect message with ease.


Mobile Studio: Stay with the customer on the go.


Marketing extends well beyond the point at which a buyer exits your primary channels. Mobile Studio allows you to interact with your customers on the go! It disseminates brand messaging and offers via SMS text, push notifications, or group messaging. Mobile Studio makes it easy to connect with your brand through text appointment confirmations; your sales team will never miss a moment with Mobile Builder.

Marketing Cloud offers plenty of other features, all of which are available for exploration here. Your marketing efforts are the epicenter of bringing value to your sales teams, so it’s logical to equip your team with the most powerful tools available. And, once you make the investment, Simplus is here to help you maximize your Marketing Cloud outcomes.


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