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Outbox offers free advanced Salesforce system review and consulting

Aug 4, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Press Release

SFDC ConsultingSalesforce System Review and Consulting
Make sure you are following best practices and leveraging Salesforce to its fullest with a Configuration System Review and Consulting.
The review session will:
  • Review your standard setup
  • Address features that are in use (or not is use)
  • Review installed packages
  • Audit the security model (sharing settings, profiles, and roles)
  • Check out your data storage
  • Offer a summary report of findings and recommendations
If you already feel like you have a handle on Salesforce, and know where your ‘problem areas’ are, we can help you with that too.
We offer deep-dive analysis, guidance and implementation on:
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Activity Reporting and Scorecarding
  • Campaigns and Forecasting
  • Sales Process, Quoting and Workflow Automation
  • Data Clean-Up and Custom Objects
  • Security Management
  • +More

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