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How can your non-profit score big with Salesforce?

Mar 9, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Government, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Nobody understands the spirit of competition better than a non-profit organization. Finding ways to promote a vision that inspires people to care about a cause—and share some of their hard earned money, time, and resources to support it—is a daily challenge. Connecting with people and promoting the value of a cause is a full-time job. And in a world where time literally means money, you need a computer system that will optimize your valuable time, track important data, and simplify your office processes.

Meet Salesforce. As a long-time supporter of local community charitable efforts and non-profit causes, Salesforce understands what it takes to launch, operate, and expand a non-profit organization. And the Salesforce platform is ideal for building your database, launching marketing campaigns, tracking volunteers and participant information, and managing fundraising and donations.

If you are looking for ways to help your non-profit accelerate to a butt-kicking pace, here are three ways Salesforce can help.


1. Automate marketing and email correspondence.

When building relationships is an important part of your operation, expanding reach without compromising a personalized, sincere tone for supporters is a challenge. We can’t personally thank all of our donors, but we can make them feel our appreciation by automating an email schedule and correspondence that ensures valued support isn’t overlooked.

non-profit1When the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley discovered their computer system wasn’t keeping up with the organization’s demands, they reached out to Simplus for help. The folks at Simplus took the time to understand their goals, customize a system to better fit their expanding needs, then walked the staff through the updates and new operating process. As a result of the Salesforce implementation, reporting time was reduced by 80%, and data entry time was reduced over 50%. These changes enabled BGCSV to focus on what they enjoy most about their jobs: connecting with people who want to be involved in service and making a positive change where it’s most needed.


2. Stay compliant with tax laws and deadlines.

You’ve worked hard to collect the best team possible, offering impressive skills that your organization needs to grow and serve. That commitment to excellence should apply to your tax software, too. With non-profit guidelines seemingly changing with the seasons, it’s important to stay current on tax policy and applicable deadlines.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to spend all of their time finding lost receipts, gathering documents, researching policy, and filing paperwork. With Salesforce, most of the busy work is handled for you. Salesforce AppExchange offers a virtual marketplace of customized applications that are a perfect fit for the work you do. From tax forms and guidelines to fundraising and donation management, Salesforce AppExchange was designed to assist with the unique needs of today’s non-profit organizations.


3. Customize your system to handle special fundraising events.

nonprofit2Whether it’s a weekend ski event, a formal dinner and auction, or the wildly popular croquet tournament plus fashion show, you’ve invested hundreds of hours and resources into creating the most anticipated fundraising event of the year. But how can you be sure your efforts are paying off? Simplus can design a custom CRM tool that runs on the Salesforce platform. Imagine tracking guests’ names, donations, volunteer interests, contacts, referrals, what they ate for dinner, what time they arrived, and what the most popular activities at the event were. With this data, a marketing team can pinpoint the most impactful strategies at a fraction of the previous costs.

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By automating key correspondence, keeping you compliant with taxes and deadlines, customizing your system to better manage fundraising events, Salesforce is perfect for elevating your non-profit.


When it’s time to take your non-profit to the next level, or if you are just starting out and need a computer system that will grow with you, Simplus is here. Call us. We are ready to help.


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