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Here’s what differentiates Simplus from the competition

Apr 26, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Managed Services

When you partner with Simplus to deploy Quote-to-Cash, you’ll quickly realize the depth and breadth of our experience. We have more certified resources for Salesforce and Oracle than any other partner in the ecosystem, more man hours of implementation experience, and the most robust methodology on the planet.  We don’t stop there! We take our customers beyond Quote-to-Cash, transform front and back offices, and stay with you for long-term support. Here’s what really differentiates Simplus from the competition.

We take you beyond Quote-to-Cash

Simplus is more than just a Quote-to-Cash firm. We truly understand Salesforce, the ecosystem, and how organizations can uniquely fit CPQ, Billing, CLM, CRM, and many other front office solutions to work harmoniously together. 

When you partner with Simplus, you have a full team of experts that will not only integrate the technology into your organization but will also help you understand how it fits into your broader front office strategy. We have seen the challenges that companies face, and we know the specific Salesforce solutions that can uniquely solve each of those challenges.

Partners that merely specialize in Quote-to-Cash or CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) often end up trying to twist the product to do things it shouldn’t. This makes sense because, when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Conversely, generic cloud partners often see everything as a customization. With Simplus, we leverage the native capabilities of each product, so you have the best outcome, the lowest total cost of ownership, and the best practices in your industry to drive efficiency across your entire organization. What differentiates Simplus from the competition significantly is that we know CPQ backward and forward–and optimize it to do everything it was built to do.

We transform both the front office and back office

When your team deploys Quote-to-Cash, knowing how to integrate it into the back office is one of the most critical aspects of the project. In addition to connecting the front office with the back office, we surface items traditionally isolated to the back office to truly transform your organization. This is why Simplus became one of the earliest advocates for leveraging popular Advanced Configuration and Engineer-to-Order solutions like KBMax and Tacton.

Only a few years ago, waiting for blueprints, cut sheets, and visualizations of your final product could take weeks and require a back office analyst to manually generate them! Now, leveraging a solution like KBMax to do your Advanced Configurations allows you to visualize the final product in 3D and real time as you configure!  In addition, because we’re using the manufacturing rules to generate these 3D visualizations, you can generate your manufacturing bill of materials on the fly and integrate this process directly into your CAD Design Automation process!

Simplus is the only company in the ecosystem to partner with both of these major players, and we have project experience delivering in all types of situations! This differentiates Simplus from the competition.

We give you long-term support 

Transforming your organization is a journey, not a destination. You need a partner that will not only deliver your initial implementation but also support you in your efforts to continuously deliver Quote-to-Cash excellence. At Simplus, our Managed Services offering uses a flexible utilization model to build a lower cost profile and long-term relationships with our customers.  

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We don’t just give you access to smart people; we focus on helping you achieve long-term operational excellence. Our Managed Services group is a dedicated team of people (not one point of contact) that works tirelessly to help you deliver continuous improvements to your organization. We help you automate, execute, and enhance your solution. The team is structured so that you have constant support to solve new challenges in your business–not just one person in a staff augmentation arrangement. With Managed Services, you will have multiple named resources with diverse skill sets, so you aren’t limited by vacations, turnover, or lack of knowledge in a particular area. This gives us the flexibility to support your team in any capacity on a long-term basis. This not only differentiates Simplus from the competition, but it also gives you the most business-friendly model in the industry.

Are you ready to experience Life Made Simplus? Let Simplus show you the way. Start building your journey today and call us at 833.SIM.PLUS.



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