Don’t miss this Dreamforce session on Mitsubishi’s transformation

We could all use some good news. And it’s even better when you share it.

Take Mitsubishi Electric as an example. Mitsubishi Electric HVAC is regarded as a leading trusted provider in the cooling and heating industry. But when they faced the need to better connect and manage their customers, they looked to Salesforce tools for a more modern approach to CRM and automated work processes. 

Simplus helped Mitsubishi HVAC implement an admin-level CRM solution that helps track customers throughout the pipeline process with more speed and accuracy, and it enables them to better connect with the customers’ ongoing needs. With this new Sales Cloud solution, Mitsubishi HVAC enjoys a 30 percent approved opportunity increase and a 95 percent faster quote delivery, and the company cut down its quote delivery and approval process by 80 percent. 

That’s good news. 

That’s what you can expect to hear at this year’s Dreamforce. Chris Osment, VP of administration at Mitsubishi Electric, is scheduled to discuss how a multi-phased, multi-year transformation completely changed their CRM approach. Don’t miss Thursday’s session as attendees will learn from Osment how market pressure pushed Mitsubishi to increase customer loyalty and how a complete renovation was the key to moving their business forward. 

This session will also explore how partnering with Simplus helped Mitsubishi transform the company’s customer engagement. “Speaking for the entire Mitsubishi Electric project team, I can’t imagine how much more challenging it would have been for us without Simplus’ contribution,” said Osment. “The team at Simplus understands our Channel Business.”

To learn more about Chris Osment’s CRM experience, check out this fascinating interview and case study. 

For more information on this event and other Simplus Dreamforce events, check out our Dreamforce Events page. We will see you at Dreamforce ‘19. 

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