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Utah Business recognizes Simplus as a best place to work!

Jan 7, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

Utah Business has recognized a selection of companies as the best places to work, and Simplus is one of them! The Best Places to Work award is a recognition given to companies who pass a third-party evaluation which draws insights straight from the employees themselves. We feel very fortunate to be among those recognized.

In 2018 alone, Simplus received five culture awards and recognitions from organizations such as Glassdoor, Lotus, World’s Greatest, and Comparably, concluding with the latest addition—Utah Business Best Places to Work award—at the year’s end. We are grateful to have also been recognized by USA Today, Entrepreneur, Comparably, and DevMountain for company culture in 2017.

But what Simplus is most proud of is the feedback from our team members: company culture recognitions are regularly compiled using an array of anonymous surveys and firsthand experiences straight from employees. We’re thrilled to know our employees feel not only comfortable with work but also eager to be a part of the team.

“Simplus does a great job of supporting my certification efforts, they even have an in-house program where, if we get certain certifications that pertain to our jobs, we get a bonus or a base pay increase, on top of them paying for the test and training.”

anonymous employee feedback from the Utah Business selection process

At Simplus, we take care of our employees with great perks and benefits like the in-house training and certification support, as well as unlimited PTO, 401k options, health plans, paid volunteer hours, and much more. But what stands out the most is how the company values—underdogs, stewards, and critical thinkers—resonate with our employees’ lives, both professionally and personally.

“Simplus is committed to excellence from the bottom to the top. Simplus walks the walk. As an organization, everyone is committed to pushing limits (in a good way) to be the absolute best at everything they do—hiring people with fire and passion and enabling them to act on them. Entrepreneurial fire, passion for excellence, and the smarts and pragmatism to execute.”

— anonymous Glassdoor employee review

We hope to continue growing and sharing our company vision with more individuals. Thank you to Utah Business and all of our employees who made this recognition possible.

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