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Why telcos are investing in DX for field service management

Dec 2, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications, Service Cloud

Telco companies have traditionally been limited in their ability to meaningfully improve the management of their field services. For generations, inefficient, manual workflows have been par for the course. 

But recent technological advances have dramatically shaken up what is possible when it comes to field service management. Indeed, these advances utilize the same core technology that allows people to hail a ride-share vehicle from their phone, or to look up the shipping status of an order they’re waiting to be delivered.

When telcos invest in digital transformation for field service management, they’re able to immediately take advantage of advances in:

1. Data technologies, which will supercharge what field teams can accomplish from their mobile devices

2. The Internet of Things (IoT), which will redefine a telco company’s network monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

3. Augmented reality and video streaming capabilities, which will provide a cost-effective alternative to field deployments

4. AI and automation, which will reduce the administrative work associated with supporting and managing field teams

The best of these technologies, like Salesforce, come pre-loaded with the capabilities that telcos most need—ensuring telcos can rapidly achieve their digital transformation goals.

Learn more about the reasons telcos are investing in digital transformation to operate more efficiently and nimbly in the field—as well as to more effectively manage fieldwork back in the office.




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