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From manual work to custom automation with Sales Cloud

Oct 29, 2021 | Admin, High-Tech, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Talena, a high tech software company all about integrating machine learning with storage optimization, came to Simplus to implement a custom configuration of Sales Cloud. The company started off with a fresh Salesforce instance, but no additional configuration. Talena was unable to find full visibility into reports, couldn’t utilize the Salesforce system for the best ROI, and was still manually downloading, cutting, and pasting reports.

Simplus worked to change all that. We created a solution that used best practices and present enhancements to support the Talena team and their approach to Salesforce. We established automatic reports to remove the manual processes plaguing the company and created custom dashboards so each team member could find powerful, pertinent data according to their user role. Additionally, we provided training to ensure the Talena team was ready to use Sales Cloud on their own. Check out what results this led to below!



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