vaccine management

Key takeaways for developing COVID vaccine management

by Dr. Suman De

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed over 1 million lives and created 38 million cases worldwide to date. That is far too many. While the scientific community and countless clinical trials do all they can to get a safe vaccine approved and into the market, the entire healthcare space at large must prepare for a dizzying maze of immunization logistics. As this blog series has shown, there are many new considerations, concerns, and functionalities an effective COVID-19 vaccine management program must address.

The Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) solution is one-of-a-kind and the ideal platform for public health departments coordinating vaccine programs because of its comprehensive design and end-to-end approach. In that way, it is really the platform for effectively managing the COVID vaccine program. There are three strategic advantages to utilizing the IVM solution: process simplification to ease end user adoption and scale, integrated capabilities that enrich usability and experience, and continuous improvement to lower operational cost. I’d like to discuss each one for a complete understanding of the IVM offering. 


Process Simplification

Perhaps the biggest initial benefit to the IVM solution is how it simplifies complex vaccine program processes. By automating various workflows, the platform allows citizens, vaccine administrators, providers, public health department staff, epidemiologists, and data analysts to onboard with ease. Whether their daily function is to handle registration, scheduling, enrollment, clinical documentation, data management, reporting, or analytics, users of the IVM platform will quickly notice how simple, often tedious, manual tasks are with the efficient automated features of IVM.

Additionally, the process simplification of IVM helps to make operations more streamlined,  consistent, and scalable. It helps to gain productivity by significantly reducing rework (e.g., mass candidate registration, provider enrollment, vaccine, running advocacy campaigns, vaccine administration documentation, adverse event case management, etc.). This introduces more self-service capabilities that eventually free up the time of service providers like vaccination clinic nurses, doctors, public health caseworkers, or customer service reps, which means that they have increased availability to focus on providing top-notch citizen services. Equally, it benefits the heavy backend duties (e.g., inventory management, order submission, vaccine allocation, routine data capture, report submission, record-keeping, or data analysis) by systematically reducing the number of process steps involved in each of the functions and making them less error-prone, faster, and easier to complete. All of these are critical for a mass vaccine initiative such as COVID-19’s because this immunization is not just going out to one region or a specific population, but to everyone we can possibly reach. 


Integrated Capabilities

Another distinction of the IVM solution is its integrated capability that brings more flexibility, agility, and nimbleness to the entire solution. This is achieved through two fundamental functions that make IVM what it is: modular design approach and native development on the Salesforce cloud. 

Modular design approach: IVM is a complete solution on its own, but it can also be operated within a modular framework. This means any particular custom needs for a state or local public health agency (e.g., citizen registration, campaign design, provider enrollment, provider vaccine allocation, vaccine order, inventory management, case management for adverse reactions, etc.) can be architected and augmented to connect with the rest of their existing IIS platform seamlessly. This customizable, flexible approach makes IVM more than just an out-of-the-box product offering—it’s a tailor-made solution, compliant to CDC requirements, designed to fit the need and proven to combat this health crisis with a robust IT landscape at an optimal cost. The modular architecture also brings extra benefits to adjust priorities and allocations for an ever-changing landscape. 

Cloud-based through Salesforce: IVM is built on Salesforce (Marketing cloud, Community cloud, Health cloud) and is entirely a cloud-based solution. This means greater flexibility and agility, as the Salesforce platform delivers a unified experience for users and reliable data with Salesforce as the SSOT. Infosys expertise has built the powerful connections that bring supporting, third-party information into IVM to couple with each vaccine program’s individual data points. Additionally, this “one-stop-shop” strategy on the cloud means more self-service, intuitive workflows, rapid scale, increased security, more collaborative, ability to customize without any functionality breaking, accelerated deployment, simple integration, and a reduced cost of ownership. In other words, you can get started fast and feel empowered with a reliable and secure solution to tackle this vast immunization challenge.


Continuous Improvement

Finally, the IVM solution was designed with the future in mind. Continuous improvement in IVM means the platform can self-learn, drive best practices, provide stronger insights, and grow with the organization program’s changing scale and demand. Data-driven healthcare, for COVID-19 and beyond, is the ultimate goal, and IVM is equipped to scale with you as you approach this goal. This is done through powerful data management, integration, and analytical tools in IVM, which create a faster way to collaborate with various stakeholders, rapidly exchange information, drive confident decisions, ensure higher outcomes and reduce the time to value. Additionally, the end-to-end marketing and UX support of IVM ensure the platform is capable of changing as your program’s needs change. This also makes IVM an ideal solution beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, equipped to handle future immunization initiatives to respond to any public health epidemic situation. 

The Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) solution is intuitive, comprehensive, and reliable. Best of breed, it’s ready to set up now, so public health organizations can prepare every single detail in preparation for the coming COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more and get started today by reaching out to our expert team. 


suman deDr. De is Infosys Public Services’ Head for Government Healthcare Solutions. In this capacity, he is responsible for the ideation and development of next-generation solutions for public health agencies. He has vast experience in the public health domain, and his previous work experience ranges from involvement with Govt. of India’s National pulse polio immunization program in collaboration with the World Health Organization and various other public health projects conducted by international organizations like UNICEF, Indian Public Health Association, etc. He has been recognized as a subject matter expert (SME) in healthcare for his contribution to the industry through thought leadership, points of view, articles, workshops, running webinars, and speaking sessions. Dr. De is a graduate in medicine from India and holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration from a premier business school in India. He is the recipient of several awards of excellence in recognition of his work for the healthcare industry.