The Complete Guide to
COVID-19 Vaccine Management

The Complete Guide to Covid-19 Vaccine Management with IVM
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Gain a complete understanding of the challenges and solutions involved in vaccine management.

Having sent the entire world into commotion, the novel coronavirus is also uniting the global healthcare community as research, development, and testing for multiple vaccine products surpasses any other in terms of time-to-market. However, with several likely candidates being narrowed down for distribution, we have to wonder: are we actually ready to administer a COVID-19 vaccine?


A best-in-class, comprehensive vaccine program requires vast amounts of data analytics, integrations, and IT support. That’s why Infosys, Salesforce, and Simplus have partnered to create a best-in-class solution for it all. The Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) solution has been designed to fulfill every need in the vaccine program process. We’ve put together this ebook to give a complete picture of the vaccine management landscape.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Unique challenges to COVID-19 vaccination management
  • Critical solution areas for a vaccine management solution
  • Necessary functionalities and features to exemplary vaccination management
  • How to attain supply chain visibility
  • How to handle adverse reaction management
  • What IVM provides to address concerns for any jurisdiction
Dr. Suman De

Dr. Suman De
Head for Government Healthcare Solutions,
Infosys Public Services

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