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5 strategic functions for a successful COVID-19 vaccine program

Oct 14, 2020 | Admin, Government, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

“Connected healthcare” is a big frontier for the digital experience of patients and providers. It’s a worldwide push for more patient-driven experiences—something that connects the often disparate dots between the multiple healthcare entities a single person interacts with. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this more crucial for public health agencies with a need to spot outbreaks and proactively manage them quickly. Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations are kept operating in silos with the least ability to do this in a precise way, whether it’s collecting data on exposure, testing, who’s being exposed and to whom, or deriving a complete view on the virus transmission chain.

The time is here again. Although a vaccine is not yet available, lessons learned from the isolated and non-integrated contact tracing and testing systems suggest that public health agencies may want to begin addressing the challenges of this mass vaccination program now. It will have multiple healthcare players involved, from government agencies, providers, and suppliers to administrative personnel, payers, employers, and pharmacies. Public health agencies can get ahead by restarting and re-introducing a more cohesive, digital journey for patients as a part of this new immunization program and beyond. 

Our previous article discussed six solution areas for a successful vaccine management program, including Citizen engagement, vaccine demand management, cold chain process, administration, clinical management, and data management. Now, we want to dig deeper and look at all of the different players involved in such an end-to-end solution—who does what when? To better understand this vaccination workflow, we’ve broken it down into five core functions: communicate, engage, manage, decide, and disseminate. Let’s dive in to understand better who’s on deck for which functions and how the Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) solution can help. 



Immunizing the population against COVID-19 will likely require the single most extensive vaccination campaign ever undertaken in the history of the nation’s public health, with broad participation by health and human services and allied government agencies, as well as private sector partners and the citizens themselves. This communication and campaign will cater to the most important function: to get all potential vaccine participants in the camp. Hence, the vaccine program has to have effective, tailored, and targeted communication to get the word out accordingly within the pro-and anti-vaccine communities and spread awareness to empower citizens and involved stakeholders with knowledge regarding the importance of COVID-19 immunization to stop and eventually help eradicate the virus. 

The Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) solution is prepared to connect providers, health coaches, public health agency personals, with vaccine FAQs, policy guides, scientific information, and digital advisors with the end target audience: everyday citizens. Coupled with marketing awareness campaigns, purpose-driven messaging, social media advertisement, and wellness surveys, IVM can share…



Want to keep reading? Check out the full ebook here: The Complete Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Management.




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