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Ready to jump ship? Here’s how to prepare when switching from Apttus CPQ to Salesforce CPQ

by Benjamin Apa, David Janke, and Robert O’Donnell

Ready to climb aboard Salesforce CPQ? Your CPQ platform should be making your life more simple, and if it’s not, Salesforce CPQ is the solution you’re looking for!

“But,” you say, “I’ve heard the rip-and-replace process can be long and difficult. Is switching worth it?” Absolutely. With a first mate like Simplus, you’ll have your new CPQ shipshape and Bristol fashion in no time. (Okay, okay, we’ll stop with the nautical metaphors.) Once you’ve implemented Salesforce CPQ, you’ll enjoy seamless release cycles and a more native look and feel.

Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ have some pretty significant differences, and the process is a great opportunity for you to rethink and streamline business processes. It may sound like a lot, but we are specialists in mapping the data easily so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly. Here’s how to prepare to have that smooth transition:


Know the difference between Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ

If moving from Apttus to Salesforce CPQ is on your horizon, below are some differences between the two platforms:

One key difference between Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ is that Salesforce CPQ utilizes more standard objects than Apttus, such as Price Books, Price Book Entries, Orders, Order Products, and Assets.

The contracting model inside Salesforce CPQ works well with subscription software models, which businesses are increasingly using. Salesforce CPQ is more closely aligned with…



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Benjamin is Simplus Senior Consultant focused on CPQ and with over 11 years of delivery experience, primarily in enterprise implementations. He’s performed in various roles across these implementations, including lead consultant, solution architect, and project manager. Ben’s focus on any given project is to achieve practical solutions that are driven by functional need but balanced by technical accord.

[email protected]


David is a Senior Delivery Manager here at Simplus. An experienced consultant with an accounting/finance background, David has over nine years of experience in both internal consulting operations as well as client-facing engagements. Additionally, David has deep experience across the Salesforce.com ecosystem, leading implementations in an external client-facing role across a range of industries.

[email protected]


Robert is a CPQ Architect here at Simplus. He is an experienced consultant with extensive expertise in CPQ, finance, CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), Project / Program Management, and Change Management. He oversaw the largest CPQ implementations at Oracle (250k users for a full global rollout). This encompassed unique and highly customized use cases.

[email protected]

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