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3 beneficiaries of strong rebate management in manufacturing

by David Rivas

In manufacturing organizations, it’s largely about partner relationships. Whether it’s the distributors, wholesalers, or partner retailers, manufacturing sales agreements are often woefully complex due to the unique nature of every partner relationship. And somewhere in this mix, sometimes manufacturers lose sight of the person one step beyond their partners: the end consumer. But according to Forrester reports, manufacturers that truly know and understand their end consumers (and thus win more deals) are those that have evolved from being a simple supplier to a true sales partner. And part of that winning strategy to land more business? A pricing approach that enables your sales reps with as many tools as possible to win over customers. And one such tool that’s been rising in popularity for manufacturers is complete digitization of rebate programs. While they demand a lot of careful maintenance and purposeful decision-making, rebates can be just the thing to revive sales.

An effective rebate program is worth the consideration for many manufacturers, and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud combined with Rebate Management is only making it easier to manage. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the three main groups of people that benefit from strong rebate management practices in manufacturing: your customers, your partners, and you (or your bottom line). 


Your customers

First off, rebates are appealing to your customer base. Not just to your partners, distributors, wholesalers, or any other middle man. Rebates can make for a better deal down the line for the final buyer, and they can prove to be a powerful value-add to sales reps to help accelerate or simply push deal negotiations over the finish line. Sales strategies in manufacturing are often already…



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