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How to streamline your document workflow in Salesforce

Nov 27, 2017 | Admin, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ

Proper contract and document management are core practices for any business or organization. However, as business records become increasingly more digitized, it can be difficult to keep all documentation organized and up-to-date. Compound that trouble with the growing pains associated with scaling and you can soon find yourself in a muddled mess of information that gouges hours of time from your employees.

However, with the right document management solution, paper trails, manually standardizing and updating documents, and delayed approval times can all be things of the past. SpringCM, one of the leading document automation platforms, is looking to help businesses generate and locate content faster, encourage seamless collaboration, and improve overall workflow processes. And now, by partnering with Simplus’ Salesforce implementation experts, SpringCM is further enabling customers to operate entirely in one centralized location. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of SpringCM’s document platform.


Simplify your contract management

Deal contracts are perhaps the most integral part of recognizing revenue for your business. However, the process can be complicated and time-to-revenue can vary widely. SpringCM recently released its 2017 State of Contract Management report and found that most contract cycles typically take anywhere from less than a month to up to four months and that deals within each time frame are roughly equal (from about 20% to about 30%). The report also found that 64% of respondents say their approval process is causing deals to stall within their organizations. This makes a strong case for a solution that can juggle numerous differing contracts at one time.

Let’s take email marketing company Emma, Inc. as an example. When Emma approached SpringCM for contract guidance, it needed standardization and transparency in its procurement contract process. Vendor contracts were housed in several, disparate locations which caused duplicate vendor orders and put a sink into company resources.

However, SpringCM was able to come in and provide structure to Emma’s contract management. Karen Hodson, VP of Operations for Emma, said that before SpringCM, employees did whatever they needed to do to get a contract through.

“There was a lot of redundancy in purchasing and excessive spend as a result,” Hodson said. “SpringCM makes work flow at Emma by giving me the information I need in an instant.”

With a contract management platform like SpringCM, you can expect to reduce contract processes by up to 75%. The tribulations of mediating a contract’s lifecycle, from generation to renewal, can now take place in a near instant. This means reduced operational costs, more free time for your employees, and overall accelerated revenue.


Centralize your documentation

As your business scales, it can be difficult to properly manage all of your documents. These are living documents—things such as PDFs, presentations, and marketing collateral are constantly being updated and moved around. As your business’ information grows, it becomes increasingly important to have everything in one place.

You need to have a centralized repository to house your files, ensuring complete visibility into all your documents. SpringCM takes the complexity out of generating, routing, and approving documents and contracts. The centralized SpringCM platform will also ensure the accuracy of data in documents in real-time, enabling you to reduce your documentation process down from hours to minutes. SpringCM also gives you complete control over your document generation, so you can build and deploy pre-approved templates, minimizing the risk of outdated language, branding, or information.

Gone are the days of running around the office looking for the proper document or contract. With SpringCM’s centralized platform and sophisticated search engine capabilities, you can enable employees to search for documents instantly all in one place.


House all contract and document data within Salesforce

SpringCM extends the value of Salesforce by seamlessly integrating. By integrating your documents and contracts directly into Salesforce, you are empowering your team to be swift in document workflows, adding hours of time to your workforce each week.

And as two of Salesforce’s key Platinum Partners, Simplus and SpringCM are working together to provide customers with the easiest way to store, organize, and access documents in any Salesforce account.


It doesn’t matter if you are operating a sizeable enterprise or just a burgeoning business, aggregating all of your contracts and documentation will offer you boundless benefits. An improved workflow is just the start. If you are already using or are planning to implement a Salesforce instance, let the professionals at Simplus and SpringCM help you navigate the implementation and integration process today!


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