Salesforce Training

Learn Salesforce from top industry leaders.

Why Leverage Simplus Training?

Salesforce can only be effective once your entire organization on the same page. Simplus ensures long-term success by providing training to all necessary team members.

Empower Your Team

Simplus provides in-depth and on-hands training to ensure each individual, team and/or department is ready to fully utilize Salesforce.

Flexible Training Options

Simplus provides flexible training options (on-site, remote, webinars, conference calls and more) to best fit your organization.

Customized Training

Simplus factors in which Salesforce platforms your business uses, how processes and workflows are set up, other platforms that your business is using and more to create training materials and courses specific to your business needs.

Ease the Transition

Once your teams are comfortable and confident in Salesforce, the Simplus team will work with them to make an easy transition. Everyone on your team should understand the change and be ready to take over for the Simplus team.

Not only did they help us develop a plan, but took the time to teach us how to maintain and build on that plan in the future.

Greg Larsen, Lightspeed