Scalable future with Salesforce CPQ implementation

Saint-Gobain reached out to Simplus for help implementing Salesforce CPQ as its quote-to-cash solution of choice as it moved forward with scalable business growth plans. Our engagement with Saint-Gobain has led to incredible results and seamless adoption of the new system. We wanted to share a little more about how it was all done:


Challenges before transformation

The sales process at Saint-Gobain was failing to meet employee expectations. Clunky, cumbersome, and overloaded with manual, error-prone touchpoints, the sales system lost followers fast. With sales reps swiveling between multiple applications to generate a single quote, the sales cycle was too slow to truly grow business.

Additionally, Saint-Gobain found its lack of internal approval automation created more mistakes in the sales cycle, further hampering the company’s credibility and sales productivity.


Solving with a scalable future in mind

Simplus provided a complete Salesforce CPQ build to solve Saint-Gobain’s needs. Now, with reduced errors as a quote is handed off from one department to the next, Saint-Gobain can sell better and faster, landing bigger deals in the process. Additionally, streamlined workflows have further improved operational efficiency and paved the way for a truly scalable digital future at Saint-Gobain.




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