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Salesforce tips and tricks for complete beginners

Oct 7, 2014 | Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Salesforce can be a bit of a daunting program to use if you’re brand new to it. Here are a few Salesforce tips and tricks for rank beginners.

Choose Report Names Carefully

The main thing to change in each new report you make is the date. If you don’t add the date range in properly, you run the risk of making report duplicates.

Use the Automation Features

Half the reason why you’re using Salesforce in the first place is to save time. There are many procedures the program uses that you could technically do yourself given the nearly infinite amount of time and patience required.

But since the automation tools are there, you should really use them as much as possible. For example, you can use the automatic email sending feature to get report results to sales people without having to micromanage this yourself.

This will allow the sales team to operate largely independently and with more speed. They can take a look at how they are doing in terms of sales both on an individual basis and as a group.

Use the Notification System

Salesforce allows you to add notifications that will trigger based on different events. So, you can have the system notify everyone in your business every time a sale is made, for example. It’s possible to have emails sent to anyone in the company for nearly any reason.

For example, if a percentage is owed to a sales representative based on a sale, you can make it so that an email is sent to the person responsible for keeping track of these things.

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