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Salesforce as the platform of choice for manufacturing subscription management

by Tom Lovell, Jim Nader

In a recent study of manufacturing leaders, Forrester found that the top three priorities for industry decision-makers are increasing engagement, providing superior customer experience, and obtaining a single view of the customer. And, it’s for all these reasons and more that other industries at large have been turning to consumption, usage, or subscription-based revenue streams—these new models deliver greater insight into and control over the customer relationship. Subscription management is an exciting development in the manufacturing space, and setting it up with the right technology is of paramount importance. 

Previously, we looked at how manufacturers—who traditionally have challenges adding new revenue streams—can take advantage of subscription-based service offerings and modernize their go-to-market strategy. Now, we want to discuss the reasons why Salesforce is the platform of choice for supporting such a pivot to manufacturing subscription management, among them being its easy integration to ERP, its customer-centric approach, and the long-term costs it saves your organization.

The complete tech stack: Salesforce builds on top of what ERP is already doing well

Many manufacturers’ gut reaction to Salesforce is to shy away, worried about how the new technology will alter its ERP setup or replace existing financial processes. This shouldn’t be a concern at all—the whole point of Salesforce for manufacturing is not to eliminate ERP but rather work alongside and enhance what ERP is already doing so well for your organization. 

Think of Salesforce and its subscription management features as just another layer in your organization’s complete tech stack. Rather than overextending your ERP to do things it was never designed to do in the first place (costing your organization millions of dollars and multiple years spent customizing ERP to only yield mediocre results), enlist other partners—like Salesforce—to partner up with it and…



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Tom LovellTom is VP, Manufacturing CoE here at Simplus. For over 15 years, Tom has helped companies implement data and process-driven strategies to bridge the gap between business and IT. These strategies have improved patient outcomes, reduced financial risk, and improved operational efficiency in healthcare organizations while bringing to bear streamlined costs, reduced risk, and improved revenue at manufacturers. His passion is architecting and sharing practical solutions that deliver valuable results for customers.

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Jim NaderJim is Manufacturing Sales Director here at Simplus. He has been working in the Salesforce platform ecosystem for over six years and in the automotive and manufacturing advisory for over 25 years. Nader provides program guidance and manufacturing subject matter expertise, facilitates client project planning, and provides best practice insights on sales, service, and forecasting processes. Nader has global experience doing business in Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, Italy, and England.

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