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Salesforce Lightning: Features and benefits

May 4, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Sales Cloud

Salesforce Lightning is the latest iteration for your Salesforce org’s interface. The sleek, intuitive, and intelligent design will empower your users to easily navigate Salesforce and work with greater efficiency, ultimately influencing better decisions and helping your team close more deals.


• Modern design for ease of use

• Smart Views for rapid navigation

• More extendable and integrated dashboards

• Drag-and-drop status changes

• Fully customizable homepage

• Lightning Components to extend your capabilities

SMARTER WORKFLOWS. Every user has different needs in Salesforce. The new Lightning experience comes equipped with more intelligent analytics that interpret a user’s most commonly used views to help them better focus on the important stuff. This means data and information are displayed in a more visually dynamic way to increase productivity.

APPS BUILT LIKE NEVER BEFORE. With Lightning Components, you will find yourself building bigger and better apps quicker and more efficiently. With Components, you can construct entire environments without the need of any code. Lightning provides developers or AppExchange partners with the tools to build the foundation of the app, which you can then customize to suit your company’s needs.

EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE. The new Lightning interface is now smarter and more efficient than ever before. Drag-and-drop components and capabilities allow for easy customization and navigation. The Lightning interface also provides a seamless experience across all platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

GAP ANALYSIS. Upon completion of the Readiness Assessment, we perform a gap analysis to outline all areas of risk, as well as proposed changes and enhancements. These inputs will inform our migration strategy and prepare for the actual Transition Plan.

TRANSITION PLAN. We consider options for your transition to Salesforce Lightning in four separate phases:

  1. PILOT PROGRAM: Use Permission Sets or Custom Profiles to get feedback on Lightning Experience from a small pilot group of users.
  2. START TEAMS: Start new users in Lightning Experience from the get-go.
  3. MOVE USERS IN PHASES: Move existing users in phases, as Lightning Experience use cases meet their needs.
  4. MOVE ALL USERS AT ONCE: Move your entire user population to Lightning Experience at the same time.


READINESS ASSESSMENT. Examining core capabilities, workflow complexities, triggers, data, third-party app compliance, and custom coding is the first step to planning your migration. We launch two tracks to accomplish this:

  1. LIGHTNING ASSESSMENT. Utilizing a preconfigured multi-point checklist, we establish a matrix of high, medium, and low-risk items to solve when moving to Lightning.
  2. HEALTH CHECK We review the most common 67 challenges to performance and determine areas for improvement during the migration. 1. 2. 3.


With our Salesforce Lightning Assessment, we will help you maximize these benefits and simplify your migration efforts. Click on this link to view our landing page, and download more information about this offering!


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