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Salesforce Certification: worth my time?

Dec 21, 2015 | Admin, Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Managed Services

What makes you so special?

It’s a fair question. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, there were over 1,173,300 jobs available in computer support, programming, and hardware engineering. For the thousands of job applicants vying for those positions, it’s hard to stand out. Being a “people person” is only going to get you so far. You need an edge–something that validates your computer expertise. For many, pursuing certification in Salesforce is just the ticket for adding a highly marketable skill to a resume.

salesforce certificationPeople often wonder about the importance of pursuing a Salesforce certification. There are many reasons why you should, and most of the reasons fall into two categories: Personal Achievement and Professional Upward Mobility.


Salesforce certification encourages personal achievement.

As one of the fastest growing computer technology companies in the world, Salesforce is quickly impacting the way many companies structure their cloud-based computer systems. Achieving a level of expertise in Salesforce means you can excel in the administrative roles that support this technology. This knowledge carries other personal benefits, as well.


You will gain recognition.

As your levels of certification increase, so should the level of value you bring to the job. Need proof? Go onto and see who can command the big bucks as a Salesforce developer or administrator. Yep, they’re certified.


Salesforce certification is a great way to prove and validate your Salesforce knowledge.

Many administrators or self-taught computer technicians dabble in Salesforce, and achieving certification supports your knowledge of this platform and validates your abilities.


Salesforce Certification builds confidence.

Many of us tend to believe that we know less than what we actually know. Achieving certification proves we have what it takes to work toward a goal and gain valuable knowledge in the process.


Salesforce certification builds professional upward mobility.

According to, the “demand for Salesforce experts is growing rapidly, and companies are looking for proven professionals. Companies who use certified cloud specialists see smoother deployments and better use of Salesforce. Getting certified boosts your career and enables you to contribute even more to your organization’s success.”

Offering Salesforce certification to a prospective employer gives you an incredible advantage. Though robust, cloud technology is still relatively new to smaller businesses. Being able to provide that kind of expertise means an employer can feel confident that hiring you means the company’s computer system will be current, customized, and beneficial for the company and its employees.

Salesforce certification exams recognize experience as well as study. If you review the Study Guide for the credential you are interested in, you’ll find there is more than one road to certification. Some people will want to take the recommended online or classroom training courses, while others can be successful with self-study and experience in the program.

Along with placing you in an advantageous position for hire, Salesforce certification provides other benefits.


Salesforce certification will help grow your career. made this point about the difference certification make can for one’s career. “It really cuts out the people who have merely worked with Salesforce from the folks that have invested the time to learn and understand the platform. It comes down to size of the company and the strategic value of Salesforce to that company. The more customization, complexity and number of users, the more your administrator needs to be a well-versed Salesforce ninja, and certification lets you know that individual has the knowledge.”


Taking the challenge to become Salesforce certified makes you a better user.

The very process of studying for the exam helps you acquire knowledge. Many companies recognize the value in employing Salesforce certified employees and will often pay for the exam along with allowing time to study during work hours. The knowledge you gain is a direct benefit for the company–and for you.


Is becoming Salesforce certified worth your time? By validating your computer knowledge and building confidence, encouraging career growth and mobility and, ultimately, making you a better user, the benefits of achieving certification can be seen both personally and professionally. And, that is time well spent.


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