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6 Questions to ask before you hire a Salesforce advisor: Price

Sep 23, 2017 | #AskSimplus, Admin, Advisory Services, Technology

If you have made it to this point, it is likely that the Salesforce advisor in question is the right one for your business. He or she has all the certifications, is experienced, has references that speak highly of him or her, and seems to have the right structure and methodology that fits with what your company is trying to achieve. That just leaves one question to ask this potential Salesforce advisor: What is your price?

While the price tag on an advisor might be a tempting parameter to base your decision on, do not let price be your deciding factor when it comes to hiring a strategic Salesforce advisor. If all advisors were equal, of course you would choose the least expensive one. But as you’ve hopefully learned by now, there is no such thing as equal service. Neither is there such a thing as “The World’s Best Consultant.” The purpose of asking these questions is to find the best consultant for you. stresses the importance of setting a budget. Dave Averill writes, “If you don’t have a budget, then you are not looking for a consultant—you are looking for a pro-bono volunteer. It is hard to find good volunteers, and they can have very mixed results that may haunt you for years.” He adds, “Additionally, talk budget ranges with your potential consultants as soon as possible and make sure you are in the right ballpark.”

Remember this, as well: Salesforce is a significant investment. Ensuring that it is set up correctly can be well worth the premium of a better consultant over the long run.


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