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How Salesforce helps companies achieve digital transformation

Nov 19, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s core advantage is that it makes the powerful functionality of cloud computing accessible to organizations of all sizes across all industries. Especially as organizations face extreme uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic—supply chain disruptions, volatility of customer demands, and pervasive concerns about employee well-being—cloud computing is becoming an essential solution for businesses to survive and thrive. Let’s explore four key ways that Salesforce enables organizations to achieve digital transformation:


1. Salesforce platforms offer scalable solutions

With non-cloud-based computing solutions, an organization’s scalability is inherently limited by the capacity and capabilities of its finite, on-premises resources. That means the organization can deliver services to employees, partners, and customers only as effectively as its on-premises capacity will allow it. As organizations grow, on-premises solutions inevitably struggle to handle upgrades and expansions without causing chronic downtimes and severe performance lags. Salesforce takes advantage of the cloud delivery model to enable organizations to scale their services as rapidly as the organization’s demand for these services is growing. Indeed, Salesforce can literally handle millions of users with ease


2. Salesforce platforms build resilience in the face of uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the enormous challenges of surviving and thriving in an uncertain world. Organizations have been forced to confront existential questions: How can I effectively transition all of my employees to remote work? How can I create safe, in-person work environments in a post-COVID world for employees, partners, and customers? How can I protect my organization from unanticipated supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures? How can I convince my stakeholders to embrace and participate in the organizational change that accompanies digital transformation? In all of these instances, organizations need to identify ways to insulate themselves from disruptive forces outside of their control, and rapidly respond and adapt to change with new and enhanced customer experiences. Without SaaS solutions like Salesforce, organizations are essentially left to develop strategies and tools for the customer experience on their own. Unfortunately, no organization can hit these home runs consistently and without help. Salesforce offers out-of-the-box solutions for rapidly developing and deploying new customer experiences. These best-in-class solutions have been extensively field-tested, even as they are flexible enough to be customized and personalized in response to every organization’s needs, priorities, and sensibilities.


3. Salesforce platforms help organizations conserve cash

No organization can afford to retain big in-house IT teams to build customized services from the ground up. The cost is too high, and the risk is too great. Salesforce solutions offer an affordable way to build and implement these same services for a fraction of the cost and without the risk. In this way, organizations get the reimagined customer experience that they need—while they simultaneously reduce overall operating costs. Salesforce enables new efficiencies and boosts productivity across the organization, making it possible to redirect internal resources to drive further enhancements to the customer experience.


4. Salesforce platforms enable human-centric experience design

Creating world-class, human-centric customer experiences boils down to simple, universal design principles: user-friendly, logical, intuitive, powerful, and reliable. Customers should never have to struggle to identify, locate, and access the services they want and need. While organizations have long been working toward these ideals, it is only with modern, cloud-based technology that these design principles have become achievable at scale. With Salesforce, organizations can make real-world changes that transform the user experience, including simplifying and streamlining product modeling, designing intuitive storefronts, and implementing intelligent order management and customer service management workflows. 


If your organization is ready to reimagine the customer experience with Salesforce, please reach out to the user experience experts at Simplus. We look forward to showing you how to build robust, reliable, effortlessly scalable Salesforce infrastructure to unlock modern, powerful customer experiences.




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