Salesforce 101 — Lesson #5: Chatter

You can’t always manage office chatter. Or can you? Salesforce’s Chatter feature allows you to build your company’s own private social network. With so many other communication channels available, it may seem redundant to enable chatter in Salesforce. However, Chatter can easily replace other communication channels and allow your organization to better communicate in one, streamlined place. Let’s walk through how to get the most out of Chatter and the steps you should take to set up your new communication platform. 


What Chatter can do

If you’re looking to keep all of your business functions in one place, enabling Chatter is a great way to do that. Rather than spreading communication across multiple platforms, Chatter allows you to integrate communication feeds into Salesforce. This can help you have more effective communication, and that’s no small thing. Good workplace communication has been shown to have a ninety-one percent ROI

Chatter is also customizable, giving you complete control over how communication is handled. Through feed-tracking and group creation, users can ensure that they are getting all the communication they need and nothing that they don’t. 

Now that we know what Chatter can do, let’s look at some best practices for setting it up. 


Identity the best use-cases

Before you integrate Chatter, it’s important to identify how your organization will use it. It might be helpful to talk to each department and identify ways that they could utilize Chatter. Common uses of Chatter include company-wide Chatter groups, polls to gauge employee feedback, and event planning groups. While those are common uses, you can customize your Chatter and Chatter groups to…


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