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ROI for the Modern Tech Enterprise

Jul 17, 2014 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Sales Cloud

aed5lEnterprise tech deals can be the most entertaining achievements in a career. They often involve a unique combination of technology, social movement, personal selling, competitive analysis, sophisticated investment analysis and group therapy. Especially in an enterprise environment, there can be political and motivational factors that influence the hard analysis of technology and ROI.

For an upcoming webinar, I have assembled an extensive list of factors I have used to close enterprise tech deals in complex environments. I’ll review and explain the process used to create a compelling investment analysis to close deals.

Topics will include:

Defining success – How do you know your project has succeeded?


Intangible factors

Tangible factors

Saving and Paying – the budgetary dilemma

Revenue vs cost savings

The people with power

Risk and liability

Calculating ROI – the basics


We’ll see you at the webinar!

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