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3 ways the new Revenue Cloud accelerates business growth

Nov 13, 2020 | Admin, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Salesforce CPQ

Seventy-four percent of customers use multiple channels to complete a transaction. And 80 percent say the experience is just as (and maybe more) important as the product/service purchased itself, according to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report. That’s why Salesforce has been bringing powerful revenue generation tools to the market for decades. Now, Salesforce is offering a complete package for anything and everything revenue. The multi-cloud Revenue Cloud offering brings together a number of Salesforce’s best-in-class revenue generation technologies:

– Salesforce CPQ

– Salesforce Billing

– CPQ for Partner Communities

– CPQ for Customer Communities

– CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector

Anything you need to transform your revenue processes and realize growth fast? It’s here in Revenue Cloud. Let’s learn about three specific ways Revenue Cloud brings more business to your business: delivering connected buying experiences, managing new revenue streams, and optimizing revenue through automation.


Deliver seamless buying experiences through Revenue Cloud

Today’s customers expect a completely transformed buying experience—they want something simple, seamless, intuitive, and personalized to their previous interactions with the company. Revenue Cloud allows customers to utilize self-service as they fill their cart and quickly get in direct contact with reps or customer service for questions about their order. As soon as the agent gets in touch, they’ll already have real-time data on the customer they’re assisting, showcasing a 360-degree understanding of the customer from the start. 

Revenue Cloud also empowers you to create branded experiences across all your channels: digital storefronts, partner communities, and direct sales. You can also customize and configure pricing for self-service B2C shopping experiences or use CPQ and advanced approvals to navigate B2B sales. 


Manage new revenue streams and sources

Whether it’s new product lines, subscription-based offerings, or consumption pricing options, your company is interested in these potential new revenue sources. These new revenue streams are powerful and popular ways to bring your business into the modern business landscape, but you have to have the technology to support it. Revenue Cloud is built to support your monetization strategies, implementing industry-specific solutions with the help of Vlocity to create the particular workflows you need in your industry to support additional revenue sources seamlessly.

Additionally, with Salesforce’s new Multi-Cloud Billing feature, you can use Salesforce Billing with any other upstream sales systems, whether it’s Salesforce CPQ related or not. For example: when field service technicians upsell or deliver onsite services, those Service Cloud-related revenue opportunities will work through the revenue operations and land in your Salesforce Billing system. This makes your revenue generation sources more cohesive and dynamic.


Focus on revenue efficiency with Revenue Cloud automation

One of the most obvious but intimidating ways to increase revenue is to eliminate the manual tasks and errors taking up so much of your time and resources. That’s what reliable sales automation is all about: minimizing mistakes and putting time back in the hands of your sales reps and sales ops teams. Revenue Cloud automates processes like quote generation, price approvals, data reconciliations, and invoice consolidation. Powered by real-time data, it can even show a simple, comprehensive dashboard of everything a customer has ordered: amendments, renewals, and all. 

And it doesn’t end there. There are countless apps found on the Salesforce AppExchange, which are built to connect hassle-free and deliver even more revenue optimization: quote and contract management through Conga or DocuSign, data migration with Prodly, 3D visualization with KBMax, tax assistance with Avalara, and advanced configurations with Veloce. Overwhelmed by the choices? Don’t worry. Simplus has a proven methodology to work alongside you and discover what setup is best for you. 


Take advantage of this multi-cloud package today and see what revenue optimization technology can do for your organization. Learn more about your future with Revenue Cloud here


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