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4 reasons tech is moving to a revenue operations model

The high-tech industry is perpetually evolving to keep pace with what customers expect from their buyer journeys. A whopping 74 percent of B2B buyers now report that they’re using multiple sales channels to start and finish a single transaction, according to Salesforce industry research. That means tech companies must design infrastructure that enables customers to jump seamlessly from direct sales to partners to digital storefronts—all while preserving the customer’s specific configuration of products and services, and all while enabling the sales team to instantly access the customer’s full sales and interaction history. 

The only viable way for tech companies to rapidly and reliably achieve this enhanced functionality is by embracing what we at Simplus call a revenue operations model. A revenue operations model is the antithesis of how the average tech company is structured. Instead of a traditional revenue model where people, processes, and systems tend to be fragmented and siloed across teams, a revenue operations model seamlessly and intelligently connects all of these teams together—sales, finance, partners, digital commerce, operations, and IT—creating a single, highly interconnected revenue ecosystem. All of these teams that ultimately are responsible for working together to generate revenue actually begin working in a highly coordinated fashion toward that goal. Let’s explore four key reasons tech companies are embracing a revenue operations model to keep pace with evolving customer expectations about the buyer journey:


Tech companies need a single source of truth

Tech companies cannot afford to spend time trying to rectify customer records internally. Customers already expect that all of their sales-related information is being saved and served up appropriately later. Moreover, sales teams need to be able to instantly provide cross-sell and upsell suggestions, and to deliver documents that are…



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