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3 reasons why cloud technology is great for protecting your data

Mar 16, 2018 | Admin, Change Management, Data Integration, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

As a Salesforce service company, we offer a variety of options to our customers. On any given day, we customize operating systems, implement more modern systems, update existing systems, and train clients on how to fully utilize their systems. But, amid those varied services, the biggest concern many customers’ minds is, “Can I trust the cloud with my data? Is my information safe?”

Logic would say that keeping valuable information close by is more secure compared to throwing it out into the virtual air only to be absconded by some scoundrel. But, in reality, studies show that 94 percent of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud. That comes down to two reasons: First, the sole purpose of a cloud host’s existence is to monitor security. (Okay, that’s not its only purpose, but it’s a big part of the job.) Second, cloud technology encrypts transmitted and stored data, which makes it harder for hackers to obtain it without your knowledge. Can your in-house system do that?

So, if you are wondering if using cloud technology is safe, the answer is yes. And here are three reasons why:


1. The bulk of data is housed off-site.

cloudtech1With traditional computing, most of the data is stored on the in-house computer system. Storing such a high volume of information really puts the pressure on securing the name of your first pet as a secret password, doesn’t it? But with cloud technology, the precious data which keeps your business in business is housed in an offsite location, bolstered with the latest in security technology.  

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2. Data backup uses multiple servers.

Unlike an in-house computer system, cloud computing relies on redundancy as a way to protect valuable data. “Salesforce instances are systems running everything a customer needs to use the service,” says tech expert Benjamin Brandall. “They are independent, which provides extra security because a single compromised instance can be taken down and diagnosed while users are switched to their closest active instance.”

Redundancy ensures data is secure in the event of a hardware malfunction, and it also accommodates fluctuating demands while reducing the threat of outages.


3. Offers easy troubleshooting and updating capabilities.

cloudtech2Having a system in place that allows for efficient updates to secure data and operations is the difference between staying competitive in a tight market or falling behind. For sPower, a company that sells access to solar power hubs, a secure and reliable computer system was essential for tracking a complex series of customer transactions. After discussing the unique needs of this company, Simplus was able to customize a cloud-based system that enabled sPower to use their preferred operating systems while ensuring their valuable data was protected by the strict security standards of Salesforce.


As a business, we live and die by our data. We understand. We value our data, too. Which is why we rely on the cloud and Salesforce to protect our company’s future and the security of our customers.


If you are ready to update your system, call us! We can help. We are Simplus: Where success is simplified.


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