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5 reasons you should move to the cloud ASAP

Aug 29, 2017 | Admin, Change Management, Community Cloud, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

There’s a big transition happening in the way companies manage their data. Many are jumping on the cloud bandwagon and, if it’s not already, your company could be next. Here are a few things you should know about moving to the cloud. 


1. It’s Cost-Effective

The biggest cost cutter has to do with the servers housing your company’s data. Instead of having to store and maintain clunky computer servers in your company’s office, a move to the cloud means your business gets to use programs that have servers elsewhere. This also means not having to pay for a full IT department to come fix bugs and install software on each computer. Businesses can now share their software through the cloud, and it saves big bucks. In the cloud, businesses can pay for a subscription service that offers all the applications they need instead of paying for and running pricey software for each employee to download onto individual computers.


2. Applications Are Endless

As cloud computing continually grows, there are tons of free and paid services to choose from. Salesforce and DocuSign Pro are popular paid solutions. Some popular free services are Google Drive and Dropbox that both let you store your files for free.


3. It’s (Usually) More Secure

Generally, data stored in the cloud is more secure than if it were all stored on-site at a company. This is because the cloud companies have round the clock surveillance of their server facilities and are constantly working to keep their customer’s information secure. They know that if they get breached, they’re out of business. Cloud companies also automatically update the software companies use to enhance security and keep everything up to date.


4. It Comes with Experts to Troubleshoot

Many cloud companies pride themselves in their great customer service and troubleshooting support. Most cloud companies have teams at the ready to help clients, and many provide virtual tutorials to make sure all their customers can move to the cloud and use their services to the fullest.


5. You Can Customize 

Cloud companies allow clients to customize the software they use. This means that businesses are making the best use of the service and, more importantly, aren’t paying for special add-on’s that aren’t of any use to them.


If you haven’t yet made the jump to the cloud, now is the time! Give Simplus a call today at 833-SIMPLUS to get started.


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