The Definitive QTC Guide Sneak Peek: Foreword and Introduction

Quote-to-cash. It’s a pressing need for any size business in any industry. But how many business leaders actually understand what it means and how to automate it with the right technology implementations?

Gilles Muys, Simplus VP of Customer Solutions, set out to clear the air and debunk all the questions we’re too afraid to ask about quote-to-cash. How? Well, he wrote the book. 

Below, we’ve gathered some highlights from the foreword and introduction to his breakthrough thought leadership—The Definitive Guide to Quote-to-Cash. You can learn even more by picking up a copy of the full book here on Amazon


1. Gilles as THE quote-to-cash thought leader

“Gilles’ depth of knowledge—something gained only through years of hard work successfully deploying hundreds of quote-to-cash solutions—is encapsulated here in this comprehensive quote-to-cash guide… Whether you’re a CEO, a salesperson, an accountant, or someone just trying to understand the sales cycle better, I promise that you’ll never see sales the same way again.” —Godard Abel, G2 CEO and Former SteelBrick CEO


2. What quote-to-cash is all about

“Quote-to-cash, or QTC, refers to the integration and automated management of end-to-end business processes involved in selling. It is the foundation on which we build revenue, designed to simplify and accelerate the sales process.” —Gilles Muys


3. What technologies quote-to-cash entails

“This foundation includes other acronyms as well: CRM (customer relationship management) software is vital for managing customer data and moving leads and opportunities down the sales funnel. CPQ (configure, price, quote) platforms enable salespeople to automate the quoting process with greater speed and accuracy. ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools manage billing, inventory, and resources across the organization. These tools (and many others) perform vital business functions.” —Gilles Muys



There’s more. Read more introductory insights into how quote-to-cash tools can benefit any organization in the full book, “The Definitive Quote-to-Cash Guide: Everything you wanted to know about quote-to-cash but were afraid to ask” by Gilles Muys, available here on Amazon.


Gilles MuysGilles Muys is VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus and an experienced executive. He knows CPQ across various industries, has extensive startup experience, and was one of the first three SteelBrick employees. Gilles is the only Salesforce CPQ Black Belt in the world.

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