The Definitive QTC Guide Sneak Peek: Best Practices

As part of keeping your quote-to-cash processes operating optimally and delivering the greatest results across all business units, you have to understand and execute some best practices. Whether they apply to quote-to-cash project implementation or how to approach future updates and user feedback, these best practices will make sure things stay seamless, effective, and scalable for the long-term future. 

For now, we’ve selected just three of the countless best practices Gilles shares in his complete book. Take a look at these to get an idea of how you can start improving quote-to-cash operations and projects in your organization, or read the complete book here. 


1. Prioritize needs and work in phases

“The most successful projects are those where the stakeholders have been able to ruthlessly prioritize their requirements. Focus on the big immediate wins around common user stories to resolve your most important pain points and start automating your processes. Being able to quickly deliver some ROI early on will also help keep your executives’ buy-in.’” —Gilles Muys 


2. Don’t just lift and shift when moving systems

“For those of you using an existing QTC solution and wanting to replace it, do not try to mimic what that prior system was doing. You will most likely fail! Changing a critical system such as CPQ or billing is a perfect opportunity to rethink, optimize, and unify your processes.” —Gilles Muys 


3. Earn adoption with an exciting awareness campaign

“Hype up the new system! Get everyone excited about it, from users to executives. Take advantage of a major company event such as a sales kick-off to announce it. Make a presentation with a sneak peek of the future system or even organize a live demo, showing users how it will help resolve their current problems.” —Gilles Muys 



Want to read the rest of Gilles’ insights into quote-to-cash best practices? Order the complete book, The Definitive QTC Guide, on Amazon. 


Gilles MuysGilles Muys is VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus and an experienced executive. He knows CPQ across various industries, has extensive startup experience, and was one of the first three SteelBrick employees. Gilles is the only Salesforce CPQ Black Belt in the world.

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