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Like money? CPQ can help you find hidden cash in your office processes

Feb 13, 2018 | Admin, Financial Services, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

I admit I’m not above digging in the couch cushions for hidden treasures. Although more times than I care to remember I’ve come up with little more than some old french fries and a pencil or two. But sometimes — sometimes, I make a score and unearth forgotten cash, an old gift card I used as a bookmarker, or stray coins. It’s a cool feeling to discover something of value simply by digging in the dark, forgotten corners.

That’s much like what business leaders need to do with existing office processes. Many companies still use procedures that were set up during the early stages of a startup, not realizing that what was necessary then is actually counterproductive today.

If you are tired of overselling and under delivering on customer promises, here are three ways Salesforce Quote-to-Cash can streamline your office processes and generate some exciting cost savings.


1. Keep your sales promises.

You know what keeps you up at night? (Besides waiting for your opponent in Golf Clash to take his turn, I mean.) It’s realizing your company just sold five thousand units of a product that has been on backorder since Thanksgiving. If only you had known.

cpq1With Salesforce CPQ, a comprehensive, real-time overview of available inventory and pricing means your sales team can promote available product, extend discounts to encourage inventory rotation, and make informed promises to customers they can truly keep. And automation generates purchase orders and invoices once the sale is final. So your sales team can focus on what they were hired to do — sell stuff.


2. Elevate account receivables to rock star status.

For those working in accounts payable and receivables, probably the most common phrase of the day is “Where is it?” Where is the purchase order? Where is the invoice? Where is the sales receipt? Where is the customer contact information? It never ends. You can try to train your sales team (insert a resounding fit of laughter from the finance department here), or you can take control and automate the process. Salesforce CPQ tracks sales transactions and automatically generates essential documentation that keeps inventory current, pricing accurate, and billing timely.

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3. Provide customer service with a capital C.

In the technology world, customization is called configuring. It elevates your ability to attract and please customers by providing exactly what the customer wants. “If you are a B2B seller, you must address this need with unique combinations of products and services that deliver exactly what your buyers need,” said Salesforce’s Kristina Anderson. “And if you can’t do that, then your competition will.”

When Webdam, a brand management company, consulted with Simplus for help, they were facing project management challenges rooted, in part, in their reliance on Word documents for creating and tracking sales. In short, a standardized, one-size-fits-all process wasn’t meeting the company’s needs nor the desires of their customers. And the fact that each quote was created manually meant the sales team was taking too much time writing out quotes, thus leaving room for human error and losing out on time-sensitive sales leads.

cpq2By implementing a customized cocktail of CPQ options and configurations, Webdam can now meet the needs of their growing infrastructure as well as their expanding customer base. Having the tools needed to better track sales numbers and automate quotes and invoicing means faster sales and billing turnaround and more money in your pocket.


You see? Using a system that handles the busy work allows your sales team to sell more and enables your finance team to easily access the sales information needed for billing. It’s streamlined. It’s collaborative. It’s accurate. It’s as easy as finding loose change in the couch cushions — without the lint and old popcorn, of course.


Here’s a free demo showing ways Salesforce CPQ can help your company. For more information on how to customize a system to better serve your company needs, call us! Let’s talk. Simplus is the leader in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash service. 833.SIM.PLUS.


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